On vacation, but the hits keep coming…

We’re supposed to be on vacation, but there are just too many nice people out there who want to give the ARC a record or two! So in just the last few days we got a hundred or so from Cecil Hopkins, who dropped off his usual assortment of pop and his unusual assortment of fab Latin and Caribbean LPs, and 220 plus LPs from Elenor Liebmann. Well respected music Lawyer Elliot Hoffman gave some choice items including signed photos and books by Dizzy Gillespie, an RIAA platinum record award for Tony Bennett and a copy of the Tommy musical script signed by Pete Townsend. But the biggest bundle of all came from Denise LaVetty. I’ll let Fred tell you what happened.

– On Monday, I took a short vacation from my annual August vacation in order to help the ARChive receive a donation of more than 5,000 LPs. Located at a storage facility on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Bill Levay, Mr. B and I were led through the labyrinth of the facility by the Reverend Deacon Denise LaVetty, who was making the donation (and clearing out her storage space).

The records belonged to her deceased husband, who apparently was a huge fan of that American idiom we all know as “jazz.” 49 ½ boxes of LPs were retrieved and duly brought to the ARC, via the excellent carting services of our pal Keith Streng. Since some of the boxes were not properly closed, we could see that several Mosaic box sets were included in the donation.

Mosaic Records box sets are important for these reasons: They often contain the complete recorded output of a particular artist on a certain label or during a certain time period—not just the hits or titles that have been reissued to death (also, some of the material has not been available since it was released, if it were ever released at all!); they include detailed liner notes about the artists, the sessions and the sidemen; discographical details are about as complete as anyone can expect for music made so long ago; Mosaic takes great pains in locating the best quality audio source, going back to original master recordings when available; the packaging, though Spartan compared to some major label box sets, is sleek and elegant, with all of them given the classic black and white “Mosaic look.” …see complete list + read more >>