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ARC Year End Roundup 2014

Yup, once agin it’s time for thee ol’ rekerd roundup – news, reviews and rendezvous from 2014.

Probably the biggest thing to happen in these here parts last year was the launch of the revised website on May Day. The designers at Open retained the same color-coded concept devised for our original site, but greatly enhanced the format and accessibility. The nitty-gritty coding was done in-house by ARCster Bill Levay. Bill also created a program to crawl our web pages and automatically post graphic galleries on our various social media sites, that we offer for free to everyone. The big add is access to our catalogs. Now you can search or download metadata on our ever-growing collection of recordings and books. There are plenty of other features, so try exploring a few of the galleries, like the Space Helmet Records or our LA Punk Flyers. We think the upgrade is elegant, fun and slightly academic.

Of course this was the year that the New York Times remembered ARC was an “inspirational model.” The quote appears in the Sunday Magazine referencing the work we’ve been doing with the amazing Zero Freitas in Brazil. It all started with our Brazilian Music Day and we hope ends in a public museum featuring his great collection in Sao Paulo. read more >>