Zero Freitas NY Times

ARC an “inspirational model?”

This Sunday the New York Times Magazine will focus on our pal, Zero Freitas, and his bid to create the largest record collection in the world. ARC director B. George visited Brazil to meet with Zero when we created Brazilian Music Day, and the Times article points out the fruits of that visit: “In March, he [Zero] began boxing up 10,000 copies of Brazilian LPs to send to George in an exchange between the emerging public archive and its inspirational model.” It’s nice to be an “inspirational model.”

Speaking of inspirations, a big thanks to Béco Dranoff who got the ball rolling with all our Brazilian connections and a prime mover in creating Brazilian Music Day. Also thanks to Allan Bastos a good friend to the ARC for many years now, creating our solid Brazilian connection.

So get a copy of the Mag this Sunday, or read “The Brazilian Bus Magnate Who’s Buying Up All the World’s Vinyl Records” online. Soon we’ll be cataloging the Zero Freitas Brazilian Music Collection here at the ARC, and watching it grow.

But Zero; Pa-lease, don’t stand on the records!

NEWS FLASH Zero has just confirmed that he is NOT standing on the LPs, but on a platform that the photographer has artfully spread albums around. whew!

photo credit:Sebastián Liste/Noor, for The New York Times