#ARCbot: Our Friendly Social Media Robot

Techies, tumblrs, IT people: Have you seen our Tumblr blog? Or maybe our #imageoftheday posts on Twitter and Facebook? We’ve been sharing images from our online galleries for your viewing pleasure. And it’s done almost entirely automatically thanks to a pair of Python scripts.

We have a trove of images of great album and book covers, 45 adaptors, punk flyers and more, but they’re a bit buried in the galleries section of our site. How best to get these images out to our friends and followers? This seemed like an ideal project for the programming course I was taking last fall as part of my library science grad program at Pratt, so I set out to write some Python. I ended up with two scripts that can work solo or in concert.

The first script crawls through the ARC gallery pages, which are generated by the popular NextGEN Gallery WordPress plugin, scraping image URLs and metadata. read more >>