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Fan-tastic, Fan-tabulous, Fan-delicious…

Loving an artist enough to build your world around them is not a new idea. Even those Roman’s knew how to cheer with a little Latin “fanaticus” meaning ‘inspired by god,’ So while we knew you could swoon for Sinatra, be bitten by Beatlemania, or chant Todd is God, we were delighted by this hand-crafted homage to the casual crooner, never-without-a-sweater, Perry Como. You can’t do this to an MP3.

We discovered this scotch tape decoupage while resleeving a truckload of 78s on our very own “Dreamer’s Holiday” out here in Sunny California (65°, rainy) on a break from chilly New York City (sunny, 85°!). Like most 78s the sleeve is for the wrong single, which maybe means all the Como’s we’re similarly decorated by this amateur indexer? It’s part of a wonderful collection of 48,000 seventy-eights we’re storing and sharing with our generous partners in San Francisco, The Internet Archive. Here’s a pic of about ten thousand we’ve packed up for safe-shipping, to be digitized in the next few months IMG_3768

Occasionally, and usually to sell children’s records, 78s came with commercial sleeves. Here a few of our favorite things are on offer, destined to shape every young person’s future – rum, fiddling and diddling.


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