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HOT NEWS + The great78project + ARC SALE

• Latest article on ARC, the Internet Archive and our great78project- saving the 78s in Atlas Obscura by Kelsey Kennedy, 5.4.17
• Interview for Variety, April 25, 2017 by Roy Trakin, on Eight Ways to Get Rid of Your CD Collection
• My work with Laurie Anderson was recently mentioned in the New York Times, “Laurie Anderson’s Glorious, Chaotic New York” 
• Nice mention recently in The Philadelphia Inquirer by Ronnie Polaneczky,  “Elderly jazz fan seeks home for 2,000-plus collection of records, tapes, books” 
• We took actress Sigourney Weaver on a tour of Cuba a while back, and recently she mentioned us on The Late Show (TV) with Stephen Colbert.  4.5.17       She also mentioned us in Condé Nast Traveler, magazine, but called us a ‘store’! 
• Giving a talk at ARCS, San Antonio next week.  “Mass Digitization of 78rpm Records with the Internet Archive”      This will launch the Great78Project – our goal of preserving all known 78rpm discs. So far we’ve collected 200,000!  We’re digitizing 1000 a week now, 15,000+ to date.  Some of them great.  Try “Let’s Take A Trip To the Moon” from a nice country donation to start and then tool around the whole collection to hear them all!

and by the way ARC needs ROCK LPs,  
So if you can donate, please let us know!

Keep in touch, 
B. George
Director, ARChive of Contemporary Music, New York City
Curator of Sound Collections, The Internet Archive, San Francisco

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