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Sorting Records In The Twilight Zone…

So I’m sorting and re-boxing about 16 pallets of 78rpm discs, LPs, CDs and 45s that have been donated to us and the Internet Archive out in the San Francisco warehouse.  Looks like this:

Quite unexpectedly a car pulls up and all of sudden we’re helping a donor from out of the past unload her car.  She first contacted us in late 2016, but her car broke down and she was delayed slightly.  As luck would have it I just happened to be out in SF and we had a very nice chat.  So I place her boxes of records next to one of the very large collections I’m working on – about 8,000 amazing jazz LPs from the Donald Ross Collection.  Mr. Ross was a major author of TV specials, and shows like Murder She Wrote, as well as a a hot jazz enthusiast. If you remember one blog back, his family also donated a 78rpm Rock-Ola jukebox. 

OK. So the very first record I pull from the just arrived collection is, This is Tom Jones.  And who wrote that iconic TV special?  Mr. Donald Ross.  De de de de, de de de de, de de de de – daaaa…

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