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Back at work @ ARC weds, now focusing on our Record Sale. June 11-26.  On our final night in Havana we had one of  our best meals of the trip (onionskin-thin swordfish carpaccio) at Mediterraneo Havana Restaurant.  Then a few jazz clubs,… read more >>

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Flamenco in Cuba

Kind of a lost day here in Havana as the lunch place we were going to had closed it’s dining room, the rumba place was crowded beyond belief, the temp hit 90+, and shows scheduled for 5pm were now to begin at… read more >>


Jazz + Rap Yesterday

Saturday night we passed on the big show and Cubadiscos awards for a more intimate event at the lovely Teatro Marti. The space is small with luxurious seating and lacy filigree ironwork reminiscent of New Orleans. The concert was lacy also, as… read more >>

kik dancer


Today was a daytrip seventy-seven miles outside of Havana to Mantanzas.  We stopped at the beach along the way of course, but the real reason for the trip was a performance by Los Muñequitos de Matanzas.  This folkloric dance, chorus and percussion… read more >>

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Havana Notes

Sometimes you need to get folks to pay attention.  And in old Havana, where the exquisite decay is compelling, a little 3d floor eatery, above, decorated their stairclimb in a way that got my attention. Not exactly archival.  Then again a joy… read more >>

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Why go to Cuba

Because the only thing someone needs on the plane is a guitar and the latest edition of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Because at the end of a meal at San Crystobal you are offered a cigar from a boutique grower, from their vintage… read more >>

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Concert last night – Cuba Music Week

No sleep, loading in, and finally the launch of Cuba Music Week.  Nap and then off for my first concert, Mambo Memories, Reliving the Palladium Era at the Hostos Center in the Bronx.  If you don’t live in New York City let… read more >>

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Cuba Music Week starts tomorrow!

Well after a year of planning, some of which panned out, Cuba Music Week is here.  The soft launch version is @ www.cubamusicweek.org, with a lnks and data complete version avail SATURDAY, MAY 14.  So there is a list of all that’s… read more >>

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Random notes

We’re busy getting ready to launch our Cuba Music Week website – next Monday we hope –  and so some recent thoughts on recent happenings here @ ARC. I came across this quote recently from a paper by Columbia professor Gustavo Pérez… read more >>

revolution book

You say you want a revolution

Well it’s MayDay, and we’re going to Cuba, so I thought this just might be a good time to show you this! This a facsimile of a very popular comicbook /save-them-all sticker book celebrating the Cuban revolution. It has 32 pages with… read more >>

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More Past, but NOW + Peelie

As a sort of an adjunct to Tuesday’s O Superman graphs in the Guardian, I will be part of a discussion about John Peel – the man and his music, as they say – at NYU this Monday eve, April 25. This… read more >>

O’ the past, man…

There’s a nice snippet in today’s Guardian UK about my old record label’s release of ‘O Superman’ by Laurie Anderson.  Like all reporting some minor misunderstandings, and like all memories some facts, like worn carpets, get a bit fuzzy.  Read ‘How we… read more >>

tax blues

Pay the Piper

Sorting thousands of ten-inch recordings in San Francisco, an extension of the ARC in NYC, so naturally I applied for a tax extension, and turned up these two timely tunes… Yes, that’s Mr. McVouty himself topping the page, using his given first… read more >>


For the Record

As I was at the car rental counter in San Fran, a crack in the corporate infrastructure allowed a peek into the internal workings at Enterprise. Seems they celebrate all their sales ‘records’ and goals by scribbling stats on actual records. Cute…. read more >>

fake tatoo

Tattoo You!

Just back from Miami and Havana, as I’ve been working on Cuba Music Week (May 14-22) and was invited to see the Stones in Cuba.   OK, they’re old, but hey, I saw James Brown bounce when he shoulda been in a rocker,… read more >>

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A little bit about Havana

In Havana and not far from home at the Central Park Hotel. Only here they use creative spelling, not doubt something to do with Spanish, and call it the Parque Central Hotel. So far a trip with the usual ups and downs,:… read more >>

Mail Attachment

“Gotta Get Away” and “Dancing in the Light”

Well, like my bud the Pres., Havana is where I’m at.  Sadly I’ll miss the ball game as I gear up for the Rolling Stones’ concert. As Cuban aficionado Ned Sublett points out, an added on-stage treat will be Entrevoces performing “You… read more >>


American 3.14…

OK, let’s tie together National Pi Day and the National elections in our own, odd little vinyl way.  Today is Pi Day, 3.14 etc…, another fabulous fake holiday that sells more eatin’ pie than math scholarships.  But back in the 1970s there… read more >>