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Press Room

Please contact us for a current press kit. Just tell us what you need.

Give us a call : (212) 226-6967

We no longer maintain a fax, but we’re email-able : info@arcmusic.org

You’re on our website now : www.arcmusic.org

Our mission statement : To collect, preserve and provide information on the popular music of all cultures and races throughout the world, produced from 1945 to the present. Here’s a more theoretical version.

ARC is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational corporation. EIN/Federal ID # : 13-3347764. Our governing entity is the Board of Trustees. Distinguished entertainment industry supporters are on our Board of Advisors.

There’s a wealth of info scattered around our site, which should help you know us better.

We have posted our acquisition/collections policies.

The ARC images gallery contains a great many ARC photos, logos and graphics. Please credit properly if you use any of our images.

We’ve posted an entire history of the ARC from day one (1985) to the present.

Information on our research services are also available.

This includes clients and accomplishments + major research projects

Here are three of the more substantial press stories on the ARC.

Below are all the things that have been written about us with links if we have them.

Let us know if you create or discover any others.

  • Mücke, Peter. (1/14/2020)  ARD German TV & Radio Network. 
  • Robertz, Andreas (1/10/2020) German Public Radio.
  • Fraccaro, Nicholas. (1/9/2020)  VICE News Tonight. Interview with B.George.
  • Balonon-Rosen, Peter. (1/9/2020)  The Marketplace Podcast,    Interview with B.George.
  • Pavia, Will. (1/8/2020)  The London Times, Interview with B.George,
  • Yakas, Ben. (1/8/2020) The Gothamist, WNYC.  Interview with B.George.
  • Off, Carol (1/7/2020) As It Happens” radio program, CBC Radio, Canada, Sitribution USA via PRI.
  • Donaldson, Maggy. (9/21/2019)  “At vast New York warehouse, preserving records in the digital age.”  Yahoo Finance
  • Baker, Sarah  (2018). Community Custodians of Popular Music’s Past – A DIY Approach to Heritage.  Routledge, ARC cited p 7, 12-13, 22, 32, 39-42, 49, 65-66, 69, 114-115.
  • Anderson, Laurie  (2018).  All The Things I Lost In The Flood: Essays On Pictures, Language And Code. Rizzoli. Contains photos by B. George.
  • Copenhaver, Katie (4/10/2018) “Archive of Contemporary Music Working to Preserve Greek Music for the Ages.” Windy City Greek News, online
  • Athanasatos, Christodoulos (4/5/2018), New Greek TV (NGTV). News report on ARC and digitizing our collection of Greek 78rpm recordings
  • Webster, Johnny (April 2018). “Into the Arc” Long Live Vinyl, issue 13, UK,  p 28-31.
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  • Marquardt, Max (2018). “50.000 Schallplatten zum freien Download.”  German Playboy.  (I just get it for the articles).  Anyway, they did the whole thing w/o talking to me. All info off the ever-reliable internet… 
  • Shapiro, Susan. (8/23/2017).  “How one group is salvaging old “78” records.” WGAL, NBC TV, Philadelphia. Feature on George Blood’s digitizing efforts with the Internet Archive, but ARC collected all the discs he’s processing.
  • Metro Magazine, Bruxelles (8/19/2017).  “L’ARChive of Contemporary Music (ARC) et l’Internet Archive se sont associés pour numériser et mettre gratuitement en ligne des milliers de vinyles.” Publicité from Belgium – Links a little goofy, picture NOT of the ARC, and a great many stories all a jumble – but hey, they’re Walloons + we love ’em!
  • Prichard, Will (8/18/2017). “How the Great 78 Project is Saving Half a Million Songs From Obscurity.”   Vinyl Factory, UK. Nice long story with groovy online comments.
  • Deahi, Dani (8/12/2017). “Over 50,000 digitized pieces of vinyl can now be listened to on Internet Archive”  The Verge.
  • Kennedy, Kelsey. (5/4/2017). “A Wayback Machine for Early 20th Century Tunes.” Atlas Obscura.  More on The Great78Project.
  • Simpson, Dave (4/19/16). “How We Made Laurie Anderson’s O Superman.”  Interview, the Guardian, UK.  Laurie’s first release was on ARC Director B. George’s label, One Ten Records.
  • Joyner, Jaz; Ned Dymoke (9/19/2014). “The One LP Project,” Time Out Magazine. ARC’s first gallery show as Friday’s to-do pick for the perfect weekend in New York.
  • Stiffler, Scott (9/11-9/204). “What the great ones groove to, and why,” Downtown Express. Vol. 27, No. 7; p 25.
  • Reel, Monte (8/10/2014). “The Brazilian Bus Magnate Who’s Buying Up All the World’s Vinyl Records,” New York Times Sunday Magazine. pg 18-23. Online and print feature citing ARC as an ‘inspirational model.’
  • Hopper, Nate (5/25/2014). “Men of Records -The World’s Most Obsessive Album Collectors,” Esquire Magazine.
  • Uhl, John (12/2013-1/2014). “Columbia Partners With ARChive of Contemporary Music,” The Record, 39(4).
  • Rao, Shuchita (9/26/2013). “Archive of Contemporary Music to Spotlight India,” Sruti Magazine.
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  • (5/29/2012). “A Visit to The ARChive of Contemporary Music,” Inside Steven Alan.
  • Fletcher, Tony (2/14/2012). “The ARChive of Contemporary Music: Collecting Gone Mad,” Tony Fletcher’s iJamming!.
  • Eyer, Banning (3/29/2011). “Bob George: Muslim World Music Day,” Afropop Worldwide
  • Neeley, Dan and B.George. (10/1/2010). “The 45 Adapters,” Wax Poetics Magazine, Japanese Edition p. 110-111. Illustrated revamp of an ARC blog in Japanese.
  • Chassey, Eric de. (2010).  euro-punk – the visual culture of punk in europe [1976-1980].  Drago, Italy, English version of French book accompanying gallery exhibition at the Cité de la Musique, Paris, France (Oct 15, 2013 – Jan 19, 2014. B. George single, punkapella, illustrated, p116, one of the few discs on display in the exhibition.  “Hey, I’m not European!”
  • Folds, Andrea (11/20/2009). “Author Greil Marcus Looks Back on ‘Lipstick Traces’ in New Punk Rock Retrospective,” Columbia Spectator.
  • (9/4/2009) “Summer Songs,” National Public Radio (NPR). ARC Director B. George recommends recordings.
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