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Players’ Association

Players Ass
The Players’ Association is an exclusive club, a party, a group of entertainment industry people, musicians and movers and shakers dedicated to supporting the ARC. We seek Players interested in evolving into more active supporters – sponsoring collections, joining other Boards and helping to keep the ARC America’s greatest record library.

Spearheading this initiative is:
• Eric Johnson, aka DJ Bunny Ears, a mover and shaker by any standards as the Senior Vice President, Executive Integrated Music Producer @ the McCann Agency.

Do give us a call if you are energetic, happy, like records, in a band, in the biz, and/or can see yourself hanging out with 100 like minded people. Players will attend two exclusive events a year here at the ARC, and create their own agenda for growing our collection and jumpstarting project of interest to them.

Membership is $500 annually. Its a great way to support ARC and it’s mission.