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ARC Dance Party 2018

ARC hosted their first Benefit Dance Party in quite a few year on Dec 10, 2018.  It was a more casual affair than usual, priced to let a whole new generation discover the library.  After all we’ve been around for 34 years.  Our great lineup of DJs included Fred Schneider (B-52s), Craig Kallman (CEO of Atlantic Records), Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus (ARC’s Head Archivist), Hank Shocklee (founding member Public Enemy, noted producer), ‘Jellybean’ Benitez (legendary Studio54 DJ), DJ Bunny Ears and artist Laurie Anderson spinning vinyl-only sets.  Well, mostly vinyl.  Here’s some pics…

ARC Board members and party masterminds Ashley Gail Harris and Molly McIver made it all happen.  Molly is a principal at 99 Scott in Brooklyn, the fab space that hosted the party and donated more services than we deserved. Other 99-ers who make it all possible include Tenaya Kelleher, Wells Stellberger, and Cameron Cuchulainn and the great house staff.  Pizza was donated by Roberta’s, vodka by 40 North (hard to choose between potato or huckleberry) and local Ezekiel’s Taco truck was parked outside. Many of the PRO photos above are by Michael Grammer, and the Party video by Scott Lazer.  And where would we have been without Dub-Stuy’s massive Tower of Sound flooding the room!  Thanks Quoc Pham.  The last person to thank is the first person you saw at our party, the one, the only, the legendary door person at most of the downtown clubs in the 80s, the man who braved the cold all night long, B.Bop.

A variety of hosts who helped sell tickets also deserve thanks: Andrew Cohen, Brian Cullman, Kim DePole, James Ferrari, B.George, Ashley Gail Harris, Eric David Johnson, Craig Kallman, Drew Katz, Tenaya Kelleher, Sonya Kolowrat, Molly McIver, Renee Pappas, Steve Powers, Eliza Ryan, Peter Shapiro, Andy Schwartz, Greg Williamson and Peter Wright. 

Thanks to all!  Next party in Feb?