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B. George, Director

B. George is the Co-Founder and Director of the ARChive of Contemporary Music. The initial donation of 47,000 discs that began ARC came from his personal collection.

Bill Evans Special Collection

Thanks to the family of Bill Evans the ARC is the happy recipient of 90 LPs by the great Jazz pianist.  Most are mint and first pressing.  Some sealed.  Some with ringwear.  All the vinyl is sweet.  The twist is that we… read more >>

LA Punk Flyers

That’s ARChivist Tim above, who just happened to be wearing an Avengers tee when this great donation arrived. These ‘onesheets’ as we like to call them, are from Doug Arbesfeld who miraculous preserved more than 125 late 70s flyers from bands and… read more >>

So Loved…

So nice that so many are posting on the Joni Mitchell appearance at Newport. When I was in Ann Arbor, in the late 60s (1967 I think) I used to set up chairs at Canterbury House in order to see the shows… read more >>

Our First SALE (sorta) In Years!

Fred and I will be loading up the Subarus and bringing a few choice albums along with some less-than-exciting ones to Tim’s sale this coming Saturday.  What makes it SPECIAL will be our first time selling some of the 1200 Rolling Stone… read more >>


We frequently visit the world of obsession and the unlikely paths to preservation.  One trippy trip began when Nick Cave asked his friend whether he still had the gum he had snatched from Nina Simone’s piano that strange and transcendent midsummer night… read more >>

Every Day Is A Surprise

OK.  I’m of Ukrainian descent.  Covid.  A sleet storm outside. Everything costs 30% more.  And yet.  Nearly every day there’s a surprise in ARC’s mailbox.  Sure the mail is running 3 days late, but then again, packages like the one above, rare… read more >>

Good Day Dumping

A remarkable Saturday at the Recycling Center (OK, dump).  This morning, before the blizzard, picked up an amazing array of music related items.  As you know ARC can only buy odds-and-ends, as we’re chock full of just about ordinary everything.  But when… read more >>

Happy 2022 = Solyent Green + Food for Thought

Soylent Green, the film, is set in 2022.  The Harry Harrison novel its based on, Make Room! Make Room, takes place in 1999.  Ah, if only Prince were around and singing us forward.  But its 2022 and we’re going all the wrong… read more >>

Lucky Number 2022 from ARC

Be Good, Be Happy and “Be Lucky”    That’s what Lene Lovich once scrolled across her ‘Lucky Number” 45 here @ ARC.   And that’s our 2022 wish for you from your pals Freddie, Tim, Jon, Julie, Miranda + B. @  The… read more >>

Those Were The Days…

In the early days, when we we’re in Tribeca we would post this sign on one of our doors, above the mail slot.  Every day someone would shove something through.  Maybe coins, often a few bucks. Occasionally a slice of pizza. As… read more >>

Year End Notes

As we welcome 2022, our goal is to finally get out from under wraps – that’s physically, metaphysically and metaphorically.  With your help we’ll be unpacking millions of our recordings, launching our first ever Capital Campaign, and planning public events. Most of… read more >>

In the Pink!

As most of you know ARC has relocated to upstate New York, on the Hudson.  Well, until the new building is in place, the collection remains largely in storage.  So that puts major research, events, parties and our in-house Record Sales on… read more >>

Matching Funds to ARC via

We are excited to announce a special gift matching opportunity offered by  to the ARChive of Contemporary Music 
when people donate at  They call it the #FallGivingChallenge – we call is ever-so-kind! So, from now through #GivingTuesday on November 30th, donors on the website… read more >>

We’re More “Experienced” Than Ever Before…

Nestled in the more than 300 Hendrix releases in the Mark Jacobson Collection of 12,000 plus recordings donated to ARC is this never played French LP – Part of the Series Panache. (Are You Experienced? Barclay; France, 0820143, 12″, vinyl disc-LP, Mint,… read more >>

ARC + Sir Paul + The Jacobson Collection

Here’s another gem from the Mark Jacobson Collection of 12,000 plus recordings donated to ARC –  a set of 8 vinyl singles comprising an album, housed in a 1950s style pink tune-tote carrying case, nicely decorated. It’s a limited edition and numbered… read more >>

From Her To Eternity

The ARChive of Contemporary Music (ARC) is pleased to announce our latest initiative and focus for 2021, From Her To Eternity.  Our mission is to create a physical collection of recordings and related music materials and to organize events and activities that… read more >>