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B. George, Director

B. George is the Co-Founder and Director of the ARChive of Contemporary Music. The initial donation of 47,000 discs that began ARC came from his personal collection.

Holiday Sale + Parties One Month Away

I’m getting ready to go to Denmark, but YOU should be saving up for that trip down to the ARC for some tasty vinyl treats as we’re a month away from our annual Holiday Record and CD Sale! Sat Dec 8 –… read more >>

The Past is Pretty Scary!

Here’s an Al Jolson sleeve for a 78 rpm disc on Brunswick Records.  Freddie found it this morning and will be doing a blog soon on all the very decorative sleeves from this bowling company cum record moguls.  Al Jolson usually performed… read more >>

The Greatest Cover…Ever!

Every few months or so we unearth the greatest record cover we’ve ever seen.   Here’s the latest, “Buonumore e Canzoni,”  by Neapolitan singer/actor Gino Maringola.  It arrived by mail with about 60 other Italian 45s and 78s last week.   Thanks to… read more >>

Latest donation from Ed Ward

This week ARC received another donation from Wisconsin based Ed Ward.  In the past Ed has focused on this C&W materials. His 15,0000 or so discs are one of our treasured Special Collections and we’ve posted a gallery of his Cowboy +… read more >>


Arc was at the First Day of Issue ceremony for the John Lennon Stamp here in NYC. It was held at the Naumburg Bandshell in Central Park.  Nice, in that Lennon had filmed the video for “Mind Games” there in 1973. So… read more >>

Labor Day, and that means…

Back to school is just around the corner.  So what better time to remind you about the Student Teachers!  We only thought about ’em because of a new book out by Laura Davis, the woman drummer, 17 when she began hittin’ the… read more >>

Today is Wednesday, and…

… that means it’s Hawaiian Shirt Day here at the ARC!  Once a week we’re forced to don colorful garb, lunch on exotic grub and catalog tropical discs in our little grass shack on the isle o’ Manhata.  Enjoy the shirts from… read more >>


Some musical notes from Utah as I hiked, climbed and sweated (who knew chocolate melts at 106º ?) in the great outdoors in search of new sounds to add to the ARC.  First off the above.  This is a 1984 hardcore EP… read more >>

Sorting Records In The Twilight Zone…

So I’m sorting and re-boxing about 16 pallets of 78rpm discs, LPs, CDs and 45s that have been donated to us and the Internet Archive out in the San Francisco warehouse.  Looks like this: Quite unexpectedly a car pulls up and all… read more >>

Happy 4th! and Hello to the Newbies

I’m off for San Francisco, but leaving a pile of patriotic cupcakes for all the great new batch of interns that are hard at work as we enter the second half of the season (baseball talk).  Pictured above is: Brendan, a recent… read more >>

Plenty of NEW ARRIVALS and Rainy Day CUREs

Here we are.  The FINAL two days of ARC’s Sizzlin’ Summer Sale.  Above a glimpse of all the new LPs we’ve put out today.  And if it rains?  We’ve got the CURE.  And if you’re WORLDLY… Sale NOW  til Sunday June 24… read more >>

NEW @ ARC Summer Sale

Everyday ARC adds new things to sell at our Sizzlin’ Summer Record + CD Sale – such as hundreds of African CDs donated by Sterns Records in London and these tasty vinyl items above, in really beautiful condition.  If you’ve dropped by… read more >>

World Cup + World Music + Pop + ARC

ARC has just been donated this SUPER CD of African music that is the perfect Father’s Day gift for those football crazy Euro-dads + old fashioned American Dad soccer fans.  Features Youssou N’Dour, Super Diamono de Dakar, Sam Fan Thomas, Papa Wemba,… read more >>

Out of the Vaults – Music Magazines

For the first time ARC is featuring a vast quantity of music magazines at our Sale that we have recently unearthed from down in the vaults.  Not only the expected tons of Rolling Stone, but a vast offering of off-beat and punk… read more >>

Beggars Arkive is here

Of course, you’re ALL dropping by for our Sizzlin’ Summer Sale starting this Saturday (June 9), but we wanted to let you know about our generous Sale sponsor, Beggars Arkive.  The Beggars Group has been a thriving label for over forty years… read more >>

Wassup on Hawaiian Shirt Day?

Well it’s Wednesday here at the ARC, and that means it’s Hawaiian Shirt Day.  And that reminded us that there will be a big pile of Hawaiian LPs offered at our Sizzlin’ Summer Sale this year.  In fact there will be a… read more >>