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bknights, Former ARCster

Boop, Boop, Shakey Jake Woods Is on the Move

If you’ve spent any time in Ann Arbor, MI in the past thirty years it’s likely you are familiar with the inimitable Shakey Jake Woods. He was a constant presence around town, playing his guitar and waving at people passing by while… read more >>

One of Six

Canadian poet/singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen was born in Montreal on this day in 1934. Cohen was an accomplished literary figure prior to beginning his now four-decade-long recording career for Columbia Records. Along with most of his Columbia Records catalog the ARChive’s holdings include… read more >>

If Artists Ran the Country . . .

I acquired this poem in Tompkins Square Park, which is located in the East Village section of New York City, during the recent HOWL Festival. No mention is made of what musicians would do if artists ran the country, but I imagine… read more >>

Beat & the Unbeat

Never one to miss an opportunity to hear some Spontaneous Beat Prosody, while grazing at a local purveyor of vinyl slabs I recently laid a paper George Washington head on the checked-out counter and strolled away with this item. Click here to… read more >>