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Fred Patterson, Head Archivist

Fred Patterson has been the Head Archivist since the fall of 2002. He got his start in the music world when, in 1975, he founded Back Door Man, an influential L.A. rock fanzine. He has been a writer, a singer, a record producer, a music publisher and a club DJ. You can follow Fred’s exploits on his blog, The Boogaloo Bag!


The Mark Jacobson collection had a lot of great records—as the regular reader of the ARC’s blogs will certainly agree. Mr. Jacobson also had some strange records and we want to present one of those here. Please Feed the Animals (Arc Records,… read more >>

Good, Good Mr. Brown

Among the 12,000 or so records donated to The ARChive of Contemporary Music by the Estate of Mark Jacobson (see previous posts) are more than 75 James Brown LPs. Many of them are original mono pressings with the black King label. Almost… read more >>

Freewheelin’ = Confusin’

As you may have been reading in the ARChive’s recent blog posts, the ARC has recently receive a very generous donation from the estate of Mark Jacobson, a North Carolina car dealer. He collected certain artists more than others—see a previous blog… read more >>

Movin’ ARC!

Yes it’s true, the ARChive of Contemporary Music is on the move—it will be moving out of our current Tribeca location by the summer. In order to commemorate this event, we have placed Movin’ Wes by Wes Montgomery in the window. Where… read more >>

What Was the First Rock’n’Roll Record?

Deke Dickerson is a person who knows about music; mostly early rock’n’roll music. He’s a guitarist who specializes in roots music—especially rockabilly and hillbilly styles. He’s also a record producer and songwriter. Plus, he writes about music with passion and authority. He… read more >>

The Deacon Rides Again!

On September 16, the great saxophonist Big Jay McNeely passed away. It would be remiss of The ARChive if we did not bring him to the attention of those who may have missed his contribution to the world of music. His wild,… read more >>

The Queen Is Dead! Long Live the Queen!

It has just been reported in the news that the great soul singer Aretha Franklin has died, so today the ARChive presents in the window Aretha’s Gold—14 of her best tracks that she recorded for Atlantic Records between 1967 and 1969—the tracks… read more >>

Happy Satchmo Day!

For many years, Louis Armstrong claimed to have been born on the Fourth of July in the year 1900. Because of that, the Fourth of July has been a time to celebrate the great jazz trumpet player by playing his records. Satchmo,… read more >>

Almost Round Robert Johnson

It is a hope of the ARChive of the Contemporary Music to some day find an actual 78 RPM record of the great blues singer Robert Johnson among a pile of 78s that get donated to us. The possibility of this ever… read more >>

March Music

It’s March—time for some March Music!! Here we have in the ARChive window an excellent example of March Music, as performed by the St. Joseph’s Junior Fife & Drum Corps on the LP Fife & Drum March Music (Major Records LP-1007; no… read more >>

Be a Good Guy!

Fred Schneider, lead singer and driving force behind The B-52’s rock band, is a good guy. Every year he donates hundreds of LPs, 45s, CDs and other stuff to the ARChive of Contemporary Music. To illustrate this fact, in the window is… read more >>

Fats Domino: Rest In Peace

Today the ARChive of Contemporary Music salutes the great Rock’n’Roll singer and pianist from New Orleans Fats Domino, who has just passed away. In our window is one of his albums, Million Sellers by Fats. Fats did, indeed, sell millions and millions… read more >>

Cha Cha Into Autumn!

Summer is over, so here at the ARChive of Contemporary Music we have decided to heat up the cooling autumnal months with some hot Cha Cha records in the front window! Cha Cha (technically, Cha-Cha-Cha) music is, for all intents and purposes,… read more >>

Hurry Sundown

The ARChive’s “In the Window” feature is not always about music. Sometimes it can be about the packaging of the music—the cover. Such is the case at hand, with the cover of the soundtrack to the film Hurry Sundown. Otto Preminger, whose… read more >>

Something Cool for the Summer.

After a winter and spring of complaining about the cold weather, summer is here once again—no one seems to be able to stop it, or the hot weather that comes with it. The ARChive of Contemporary Music has decided to offer something… read more >>

Long Live Chuck Berry!

On Saturday March 18, Chuck Berry died of natural causes at his home near Wentzville, Missouri—a town west of St. Louis. If you have to ask, “Who’s Chuck Berry?” then I suggest you get back into your space ship and return to… read more >>

Bluegrass in the house!

A few weeks ago, a fellow named John Prael contacted the ARChive about donating his record collection. He said it consisted mostly of bluegrass and country records. He was able to deliver the records to us here on White Street on Monday,… read more >>

Million Dollar Twang

On January 20, the Million Dollar Man will move into the White House. Here at the ARChive, we have our own idea of what is worth a million dollars: Twang! We’ve got $1,000,000 Worth of Twang, a compilation of Duane Eddy’s biggest… read more >>

Mr. Santa’s Boogie!!

’Tis the season to be jolly, and all that, here at the ARChive. We’ve just completed another successful Holiday Sale and soon we will be off for a bit. So we thought we would put something in the window that is appropriate… read more >>