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Fred Patterson, Head Archivist

Fred Patterson has been the Head Archivist since the fall of 2002. He got his start in the music world when, in 1975, he founded Back Door Man, an influential L.A. rock fanzine. He has been a writer, a singer, a record producer, a music publisher and a club DJ. You can follow Fred’s exploits on his blog, The Boogaloo Bag!

The Next President

The best thing about presidential elections is the humor that they invoke. At this time, we at the ARChive feel a need to remind folks of one of the pioneers of political humor: Mort Sahl. Mort Sahl was one of the first,… read more >>

We Get Records!

In my capacity as Head Archivist, I am often asked to go out into the field in order to pick up donations for the ARChive. On July 13, two of those donations were picked up, with the aid of semi-official van driver… read more >>

Bobby Rydell Delivers That Old Black Magic!

For the last dozen or so years, I have been asked to DJ at least one night at the Lincoln Center’s excellent Midsummer Night Swing series of outdoor events. Each event consists of a DJ, a dance instructor to teach the proper… read more >>

Warhol Art Sale in Tribeca

Andy Warhol was one of America’s great artists—of this there is no dispute. During his early years, he designed some album covers for mostly jazz artists. There’s a cool Count Basie one and several that he did for Blue Note Records. The… read more >>

Leon and Merle: Rest in Peace

This week the ARChive salutes two fallen heroes: Leon Haywood and Merle Haggard. Each died within a day of each other, Mr. Haywood on the 6th and Mr. Haggard on the 7th of April (his 79th birthday). So in the window we… read more >>

Like/Hate Relationships With Records!

In a previous ARC blog post, it was noted that we had received a very generous donation from the illustrator Hilary Knight that included two autographed Yma Sumac records, as well as a fine collection of film soundtracks and Broadway cast recordings…. read more >>

End of Summer Blues

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer in the United States. We now look back at the summer and think, did we go to the beach often enough? The answer is always a resounding, NO! Somehow, we never go to the… read more >>

Let’s Have a Dance Party!

OK—The ARChive of Contemporary Music Sizzlin’ Summer Sale is over. It was the biggest and best ARC sale of all time. Several thousand fabulous LPs and CDs were purchased and are now being enjoyed by our equally fabulous customers and supporters. What… read more >>

A Dizzying Look at the ARChive Sale!!

[youtube url=””] Take a minute and a half of your time to see this short art film that features the Sizzlin’ Summer Sale here at the ARChive of Contemporary Music! Still lots of good stuff available. Still more than a dozen boxes… read more >>

Wall Items Extravaganza Part 3

Our next installment of stuff on the wall during the 2015 Summer ARChive Record & CD Sale shows twenty great items. If you click on the thumbnail below, you will see a Big-O-Fied version of the photo and you should be able… read more >>

ARCsale15 Zappa

Wall Items Extravaganza Part 2

Frank Zappa has been a favorite of record collectors for a long time. At the next ARChive Record and CD Sale there will be a LOT of his records — and records associated with him — available for sale. The accompanying photo… read more >>

Wall Items Extravaganza Part 1

Folks, the famous ARChive of Contemporary Music Summer Record Sale is almost here… less than three weeks away. There will be some very fabulous things for sale. In the photograph accompanying this text, you will see only nine of the many fine… read more >>

Oh Magoo, You’ve done it again!

It is time to get excited about the semi-annual ARChive of Contemporary Music Record and CD Sale that will be taking place this June. There are major changes in the future for The ARC, so we have been extensively scouring the shelves… read more >>

Live Long and Prosper

A long time ago, back in my Hollywood daze, I was asked to DJ for a movie’s wrap party. The movie was produced by Paramount pictures, and the people who hired me told me that I had to go get my check… read more >>

Like Cool, Daddy-O!

January can be the coolest month, to somewhat paraphrase T.S. Elliot. With recent snow and temperatures under ten degrees, we don’t really need a reminder, but a recent donation to the ARChive included not one but two copies of Eddie Bert’s Like… read more >>

Dracula a’ Go-Go!

…’Tis the season for all things spooky. Here at the ARChive, we have dug up a very appropriate album cover out of our deep dark vaults to display in our front window during Halloween week: Blues for Dracula by the legendary drummer… read more >>


What is music good for? That is a question the curious among us have been asking for ages. Here at the ARChive of Contemporary Music, we have a whole section of “Music For.” Among these recordings is a series of five LPs… read more >>

View from a Plane Window

In order to commemorate the madness of September 11, 2001, The ARChive has placed in its window an album cover by Supertramp that depicts a New York still augmented by the World Trade Center twin towers. We’d also like to commemorate an… read more >>

LA Punk flyers – New Gallery @ ARC

Fred Patterson (Senior Archivist) has a history, a great deal of it in LA. Here are a few of his small posters and handbills from the scene, circa the late 1970s. Fred says: Back then, practically the only way one could advertise… read more >>