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Space Helmets vs Turbans

One of the main reasons we are asking for your help is Space. As Sun Ra said, “Space is the Place.” OK, a lot of people say that. But our rent in this space is sky-high (in Outer Space) and there are fabulous donations of great quality and enormous quantity being donated, and we need a place to put them.  Like this space helmet insert (sorta like a turban) from Sexual Milkshake’s “Space Gnome And Other Hits” 1990 EP.

So help if you can and contribute to our GoFundMe campaign 

  Were independent and America’s largest pop music archive with more than 3 million recordings. There’s even a few space albums on our little film below.

In the past few months we gotten 40,000 CDs from the estate of Richard Zirinsky, 987 CDs from Kurt Carrington, hundreds of LPs from The New School Libraries, 1,127 LPs from Sarah Weingarten, and 5,099 Country LPs from the estate of Lloyd Oliver Pierson. We got 6,884 LPs from Sheila Langan and 16,836 CDs from Jeff Daniel. Ira Berger’s Jazz Archive donated so many things, including more than 500 jazz books and magazines and 2,000 oral history tapes. In the pipeline that we need to pick up and make room for are 32,000 LPs from the estate of Saul Nowitz, about 7,000 discs yearning for us in LA , and a great(?) collection of who-knows what from Indiana University. Totally spacey.

Contribute here and help us reach this goal!

We’ve been touting Turbans on Instagram + Twitter, like this lovely item below.  But hatwear changes and that’s why we’ll be punking-out more and showing ever spacier items from our collection.  After all we’ve all seen all the regular records…

That simple goal is to guarantee that the world’s musical heritage is preserved for future generations to study and enjoy.

Read the latest story about this project in Rolling Stone Magazine!

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