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The above is not a minimalist canvas, but the cover of a scarce Bauhaus release.  I discovered it while going through our Punk era singles.  We’re cataloging this large group of 45s in preparation for a graphics book on our collection, and for something worthwhile to do while our permanent collection is in storage since our relocation.  This single has a black blank front cover with the only information about the release printed in small white type on the bottom of the black back.  The song “Sanity Assassin” in on the side with a plain black label, and Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit In The Sky” is on the the white blank label side – this song an apt choice for Bauhaus I think.  The record was donated to ARC on 1/28/1987 by Kathy Schaer, who we have lost track of, and she included the note, “1 of 400 printed a Xmas gift for Fan Club members only.” Discogs says,”Only 325 copies of the single were sent out as a present / compensation to the fan club members who had paid their subscription before the band split up. And from this very limited issue, 50 copies were inadvertently thrown away during an office clearout ! ”  While values of recording are always suspect, this single has actually sold for between $352.94 and $914.47

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