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As I slowly catalog our Punk era singles I am amazed by the value of these scarce, independently released, 45 in ARC’s collection.  These are not the mass produced and widely promoted bands we are familiar with. These are releases by mostly ephemeral outfits, with highly personal vision, that never gained a large audience – but looking at the limited, ongoing demand – loyal fans are out there.  So as we are busy setting up our new home, look for occasion posts on recordings like Fakir – The Only Dance There Is/F-A-L-A-N-G-E ( 7” single, no date [1981], no label, no number, no speed [45]).

This No Waver was issued in an edition of 100 (ARC has two) and only available at the late, great 99 Records shop in the Village, NYC. Name of band is handwritten in felt tip on front of sleeve and each back is different, spray painted and hand painted by Bob Solete. The band, R. Kane (gtr, voc), Bill Schilling (gtr), Janine Gentile (bass) Bobby Schilling (drms), only did four live performances, the first at the ‘Red Brigade Benefit’ at Club 57. At the Noise Fest, 1981, at White Columns, Thurston Moore described them as “awesome, odd and sensual.” Discogs says, 8.26.2020 : 3 For Sale from $528.24, Median sale was $240.00 and highest to date $263.16 

Here’s the back covers of our two copies of the only Fakir release.

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