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4 for 4th

Well, the weather on this 4th of July was dreary, so who could blame me if I got the blues? A drizzly walk through an Upstate flea led to some real bargains, and allowed us to add some very nice LPs to the Keith Richards’ Blues Collection. A real surprise is that we did not have the Brownie McGhee on Folkways (Brownie McGhee Blues, Folkways Record and Service Corp, FA 2030, 10″ LP, 33-1/3rpm, 1955) as that label is very complete here, and that we had did have Lightnin’ Strikes AGAIN, but not this one (Lightnin’ Hopkins. Lightnin’ Strikes, Vee Jay, LP-1044, 12″ LP, 33-1/3rpm, no date). So it’s a sunny Sunday, the sale is over and the ARC is getting back to the day-to-day. We’re in a sunny mood too, and happy to have these Blues.

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