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$5 in 5 Minutes x 2 = bliss

Sometime you can spend hours at a flea market, walk for miles, and the best thing you buy is some fried dough.  Today was just the opposite. 

The record tote above, Marie’s record tote, was on the first table I saw.  Like most of the more than 200 record totes that hold 7″ singles here at ARC, it was filled with very ordinary recordings at very high prices. Then, the eternal question; “Can you sell the box without the records?”  Silence.  “$5.00.”

Lucky for me Marie had a lot of friends.  Sure this could be calculated to be cool, but I think Marie had a lot of friends and they thought she was cool.  Mostly boys. The came over after school and pulled their favorite singles out of the box, practiced dancing, sang along, signed their names. 

One of the side panels has the name of bands in quotes; “Ramrods,” “Star-fires.” “Dorations,” “Dynamics,” “Donny and the Del-Cords” [SIC], and the “Sting-Rays.”  Rockabilly, R&B and Garage.  Twangy guitars, growling saxes, late 50’s to early 60s stuff.  Pajama party teens doing the stroll to “Boing” by the Ramrods

Seconds later, another table, Elvis.  Elvis immortalized, pint-sized, with the Graceland stamp of approval, individually numbered, ready to lick and mail to a pal.  14 First Day Covers for $5.00. I feel like Alan Price, and the price was right…

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