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A Clean Slate + A Great Match

The board above shows us that schools have closed down and our 9 interns are now safe at home.  Bad luck for everyone everywhere.  Even our latest hire is now quarantined. 

On the bright side Benevity today announced they will make matching donations up to $300K.   They are an IT based group that usually gives ARC 10K+ a year through their portal.  A great many companies in the tech/business world contributing through them.  Do have a look.  https://mygoodness.benevity.org/community  And do have a look at their FAQ.  There is a  small administrative fee, but as it is being matched/doubled, I do not think this is bad.

Everyone has been great over the years.  and we realize $$$ is tight, as the future is dificult to see right now.  But if you can contribute with this match, that would be swell.   And do pass along or mention to any potential donors you might think of.

We’re weathering the shutdown, packing up s-l-o-w-l-y, sad to leave the city, but looking forward to a spectacular new home! 

If you’re hunkered down can we suggest a few things on our site for fun?  How about 360 record covers featuring space helmets?  An essay on the fabulous Picolandias of Colombia?  A detailed exploration of the music of India?  It’s all here.  It’s what we do. 

Be well.  b. 

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