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A Few Unanswered Questions?

Where is the James Smithson of our times? Someone who sent a young Nation the money, to create a scientific institution, established “for the increase and diffusion of knowledge ….”

Where is the Andrew Carnegie of our times? Someone who funded 2,509 library buildings and asked only that the staff fill them with books.

Where are “those young men with unlimited capital” who read a newspaper advertisement and created the Woodstock Festival?

ARC is seeking to purchase a new facility to house its 3 million sound recordings. The costs is less than purchasing a 30 second Superbowl commercial. Where is the person or company willing to see beyond their 30 seconds of bling to name a permanent institution housing the largest collection of popular music in the world?

And as Steve Jobs once said, 40 years ago, when promoting a product that no one had ever seen or knew they needed, “What’s the Superbowl?”

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