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I Herd of Theremins

Herding cats, collecting moonbeams, getting a great $10 dinner on the upper East Side – these are a few of the impossibilities that can’t hold a candle to an upcoming NY Theremin Orchestra concert this Sat in Brooklyn.  Yes they’ll be waving their arms in the air (say ho!) to a hard-to-wrangle SiFi beat, slipin’ anda slidin’ electronically, guessing at notes just for you.  Our pal P. George will be one of the players.  Plus some amazing ringer, like  Dorit Chrysler and Rob Schwimmer, who will add gravitas and gracenotes proper.

NY Theramin Society

Saturday March 29th, at 8pm
Dorit Chrysler, Rob Schwimmer & The NY Theremin Orchestra at
Pioneer Works, Center for Art and Innovation
159 Pioneer Street Brooklyn, NY 11231
tel : (718) 596-3001
Admission: $20

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