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A little bit about Havana

In Havana and not far from home at the Central Park Hotel. Only here they use creative spelling, not doubt something to do with Spanish, and call it the Parque Central Hotel. So far a trip with the usual ups and downs,: Uber was great to the airport in Miami: TSA confiscated my sunblock lotion (“it’s a gel, rhymes with terrorist cell,” they explained); got my Cuban cell to work no problem (even though it’s a Commie cell); hotel lost my reservation thinking middle names are the best to use for reservations; wonderful walk through old Havana; accidentally stumbled on a press party for Havana Club Rum where they demo’d mojito-making and I practiced seeing the bottom of an empty glass; then a rowdy bachelor party at the hotel pool; oh, but this is the first of 5 trips to Havana that I ever had a pool.

So, there it is. Over here to hear the Stones, and that may be all I do as ‘seeing’ may be difficult with a million Cubanos expected. But I’m also organizing Cuba Music week and scouting out to-dos for ARC’s Music Tour in May. So here are some pics and the elevator pitch to go with them. Tune in tomorrow as we shake and bake, basking in the sun and Stones.  The top photoview is from the pool in Havana Viajo.

Havana Club copy
Only four tablespoons of sugar are allowed when you mix a proper mojito.

Gramaphone are hovering like drones at the Stones’ concert in Havana.


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