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A Smith Drops by

In the midst of our packing up as ARC prepares to move, Andy Rourke, bassist from The Smiths dropped by.  We brought out 80 or so of the band’s LPs and 12″ singles that we have here at ARC for perusal, some of which he’s never seen.  I took a snap of the inside of the band’s The Queen Is Dead LP that Andy kindly signed.  The flash obscured the guy in the middle – maybe one day we’ll ask Andy who he is…

Below B. looks on as Andy looks at some of the Smiths releases.  That’s a wall of other signed recordings in the background.  Thanks to Andy for a delightful three hour visit and to manager Melissa Aubert and ARC Board member Eric Johnson for bringin’ him by.   Get social w/ Andy @AndyRourkeMusic

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