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Another Great Donation -wanna help catalog?

Today, me and the boys picked up a generous donation of over 6000 LPs from Jerry Rappaport.  Now Jerry has the life, a former record exec. he runs a swell hotel with his wife in Grenada, La Sagesse, and they just planted some mangostein trees –  he’ll let you know how they’re doing in about ten years.  But for now he’s back in NYC, and cleared out a rental space of about half his collection to donate to the ARC.


Here’s Keith Streng, just before rushing off to a rehearsal and gig as a member of the Fleshtones, helping to unload the truck.   Nice boxes.

The collection is swell too!  Tons of world music and reggae from Jerry’s days at Mango, and a pretty good batch of R&B, and blues recordings from the 60s – right up our alley.  We took the am to pick them up, and jumped right in to cataloging that afternoon.  Always nice when you have six Misty In Roots LPs, and someone donates six you didn’t have.  And you gotta love a guy with 16 Elis Regina albums!


Fred is down for the count.                               Juan surveys the field.

AND – We are looking for folks to volunteer @ ARC and help catalog all this great stuff.  If you have a 4 hr block, at least once a week, give us a call!  212 -226-6967

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