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Another White Album

In homage to our pal Rutherford Chang, who is showing the project, “We Buy White Albums,” ARC offers the above – “We have Ventriloquist Albums.”  

No one knows how they got here, but just one, Jimmy Nelson’s “Instant Ventriloquism” seems to be breeding.  Only eschatological verification will reveal the value of watching your lips move on a vinyl disc, but try we must.  

So if you’re in Hamburg do visit the  Deichtorhallen (March 1 – August 4) for the exhibition Hyper! A Journey into Art and Music, offering works that blur the distinctions.  Like Rutherford’s 2,295 copies of the Beatles White Album.  ARC contributed a few, and we know a guy who owns No. 1, supposedly one of the 6 copies of #1 that were issued.

And you can always donate a copy of YOUR favorite ventriloquist record to the ARC, and anything with dummies on the cover greatly appreciated.  You may think there are great many dummies on record covers, but let’s stick to ventriloquist’s dummies, OK?

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