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ARC an “inspirational model?”

This Sunday the New York Times Magazine will focus on our pal, Zero Freitas, and his bid to create the largest record collection in the world. ARC director B. George visited Brazil to meet with Zero when we created Brazilian Music Day, and the Times article points out the fruits of that visit: “In March, he [Zero] began boxing up 10,000 copies of Brazilian LPs to send to George in an exchange between the emerging public archive and its inspirational model.” It’s nice to be an “inspirational model.”

Speaking of inspirations, a big thanks to Béco Dranoff who got the ball rolling with all our Brazilian connections and a prime mover in creating Brazilian Music Day. Also thanks to Allan Bastos a good friend to the ARC for many years now, creating our solid Brazilian connection.

So get a copy of the Mag this Sunday, or read “The Brazilian Bus Magnate Who’s Buying Up All the World’s Vinyl Records” online. Soon we’ll be cataloging the Zero Freitas Brazilian Music Collection here at the ARC, and watching it grow.

But Zero; Pa-lease, don’t stand on the records!

NEWS FLASH Zero has just confirmed that he is NOT standing on the LPs, but on a platform that the photographer has artfully spread albums around. whew!

photo credit:Sebastián Liste/Noor, for The New York Times


  1. Jorge

    Hello, I have a massive collection of rare Caribbean records for sale. I am trying to locate Mr. Frietas. Can you direct me to his agent?

  2. Sergio B Damasceno

    I was fascinated when I read the article. I have a few records myself and I’ve been trying to find something to do with them. Like my Time-life collection of the Complete works of Beethoven that I have saved for over 30 years! I also know someone that has an entire apartment in Rio de Janeiro filled with vinyl records, he is a musician and one day he’s going to dispose of them. My own family had a few. Currently I’m living in Beijing (Pequim), China and I found a recording of Bidu Saiao Bachiannas Brasileiras no. 5 there in a little store.
    Anyway, if Zero Freitas is still interested I’d like to help him get records in Asia (China, Japan, etc). Please send me a reply just to make sure that someone read this.
    Sergio B Damasceno

  3. Dale Winnitowy

    I have amassed a collection of about 9000 LPs as a reviewer/collector from 1966 to 1988.
    Could you please let me know how to contact Mr. Zero Freitas or his buyer, Allen Bastos.
    Thank you.

  4. Guillaume

    Did anyone find a way to get in touch with Mr. Freitas? I’d like to contact him as well. I have no records for sale, different matter.

  5. mitchie williams

    i operate a record shop in jamaica , would like to have contact with mr freitas or his assistants ….we have crazy records for sale ,,,,,

  6. David Labowitz

    I have a large collection that I would like to see if Mr. Freitas might be interested in. Do you have contact info for him?

  7. Cornelius

    I have a substantial collection of records, from Deep South blues 78s through all genres to post industrial rock. Would also like to reach Zero Freitas or his buyer.

  8. Bert

    I have a big collection of vynil and would like to get in touch with Mr Freitas or his agent.

  9. Cindy

    I have a collection that was left by my father when he passed away at 90 two months ago. He has been collecting for a number of years and I am interested in contacting Mr. Freitas to see if he is interested.

  10. Zoe


    My father has a collection of about 1,620 records. A bit of everything really. We saw the article in the Times magazine and wanted to see if Zero would be interested in purchasing his collection. He had another thousand or so records beforehand, but since he doesn’t have a warehouse, things were getting out of hand in his small apartment. The other records I helped him donate last year, but he’s been waiting for the right moment to let go of his remaining favorites. Let me know if one of the agents would like to stop by and take a look! We’re in the Bronx, New York.

    Thank you

  11. Cyril DAL ZUFFO

    Hello from France, I have a huge collection of 4000 rare hip hop LPS and VLS and I would appreciate to discuss the opportunity to sell my collection.
    How can I get in touch with a member of his purchasing team ?

  12. Kyle s.

    I’m also hoping to contact Mr.Freitas, or more likely, one of his agents, or other similar associate. I’m assuming the info used in this form can be given to this individual, but if not I can further communicate here or elsewhere.

  13. Manuel SALVADOR

    I have a HARDCORE/PUNK/METAL collection in France. I would like to send the list to the buyers, in case of…. Thanks

  14. Norman

    I have appx 18,000 pieces ’60s – ’80s – half Jazz Half Classical – would like to contact Zero Freitas. Thanks for your help

  15. Catherine Pihokken

    I also lost my father (he was 89) a few months ago and catalogued all 1000+ LP’s. He was collecting from the 50’s on… Could you please put me in touch with someone I could send the list to and see if there is any interest? My mother has the records on shelves and they have been stored properly the entire time. She lives in Wasington, DC.
    Thank you,
    Catherine Pihokken

  16. Marcus

    I have worked in the dance music industry for over 15 years and became an owner of a vinyl distribution company in 2000.. I have over 40,000 records all in excellent condition, that span the entire genre of dance music. If you enjoy or want dance music records look no further!! I can be reached at gruvwyze@gmail.com (Zero Freitas, this is worth your time.


  17. mounira Toumi

    Hello from Tunisia I have a collection of vinyl and would like to get in touch with Mr Freitas or his agent.

  18. Julie Moll

    My husband also amassed a large record collection over the past 45 years – roughly 9000 LP’s, mostly classical and some folk music. We would now like to sell as we are planning a long-distance move. If anyone can forward me the contact information for Mr. Freitas or his agent, I would be most appreciative.

  19. Aaron Cohen architect AIA library plan

    I have helped plan the National Library of Greece ,national Library of Singapore–I would like to help you plan your new music library
    Zero Freitas –Allan Bastos–create a music laboratory library–Aaron Cohen and Associates–please contact me

  20. Jose G

    Have large collection of 10,000 LP’s I need to sell would like to have them checked for possible purchase… All genres, Lots of soundtracks, Soul, Spoken word, ect, ect

  21. Kristi Clevenger

    I have a large record collection that I would like to sell immediately. There are 175+ albums and each album has between 4-12 records. All are in excellent to good condition. Examples of composers that I have are Beethoven, Mozart, Gilbert/Sullivan, Suk, Bach and many many more! If there is any way to get in contact with Zero Freitas or his agent please let me know or have him contact me at kclevenger@ymail.com. Thank you for any assistance that can be given in this matter!!

  22. Dawnelle

    My father unfortunately passed away last year at the age of 83. He had amassed a huge collection of vinyl. Truthfully, I have not yet counted, but from the looks of it, I believe at least 5,000 records. I would go so far as to say that I would be willing to catalogue all of the records. They are largely U. S. issues. I would ALMOST be willing to say if there isn’t something in there that is not already in your collection I would give you the lot! Not quite. My father was a music fan and musician from a young age. He did write me a letter at one point years ago telling me “if anything happened” to be careful with the records, as some were rare issues and worth money. Too bad he did not put a note on those. Let me know if there is interest and if I should begin the process of making a list.

  23. David Osborn

    Like the others here i have a huge collection i’ve fostered since ’71. In college I bought a Neil Diamond 45 on UNI at a garage sale in Kearney Nebraska and never stopped. I have about 80,000 45s all in order by label and date, almost all different. I’ve sold the heck out of the Soul stuff on eBay but haven’t ventured too far in other directions of sale. Also, a half wall full of old LPs goes with these, the entire stock of my used bookshop. A woman thought she was going to buy my bookshop and did not want the Lps so i brought them home to roost.. The 45s sit on 30 floor to ceiling metal shelves and are all sleeved. Zero, send your man in America to see me ! David Osborn, 402-345-4890. platters@qwestoffice.net

  24. Stella Sheaves

    I am trying to sell my Dad’s Record Store in Toledo, OH. He has approximately 300,000 pieces of vinyl, that include jazz, rock, country and blues. The website is http://www.aarecordsareus.com. Please tell me how to get in touch with Mr. Freitas or his buyer.
    Thank you!

  25. Richard

    Hi I have a collection of approx 50,000 vinyl records and 1000 plus tapes in Australia. I am interested in selling these. Please let Mr Freitas or his buyers know. Thanks for this my email is cranitec@bigpond.net.au

  26. Paola

    Caro amico zero,anche se sono molto affezionata alla mia originale collezione delle opere liriche del noto maestro Caruso … Per motivi purtroppo personali vorrei venderli e offrirli a te che sei un vero intenditore… Se sei interessato sarei felice. Grazie mille!!!paola

  27. michael charles

    My father has a collection of 16,000 records all catalogued on Filemaker, a third of which are movie scores and musical shows, all in excellent condition. The collection was originally to be acquired by the Eastman School of Music but in the intervening years the LP format has become less desirable and is now the records are no longer wanted there. I would like to contact Mr. Bastos if possible to see if he is interested. There are also CD’s. Thank you.

  28. Midori Shaw

    I inherited approximately 3,000 vinyl records, most never opened. They are all classical and opera records purchased in the 1930s-1970s. Would Zero Freitas be interested in them?

  29. Gabriela

    Hola que tal,
    tengo una colección de aproximadamente 7000 vinilos excelentes (rarezas etc)
    Por favor contactarme al 026115189859 (Argentina)
    o por mail gabylife2003@yahoo.com.ar
    muchas gracias

  30. Les Trollip

    I have rare SA issue 60’s/70’s rock/pop vinyl LP’s and 7″ singles for sale – the entire collection.

  31. Gary Brynenn

    We have a collection of about 230.000 unplayed records spanning 50 years with over 3000 artists. We’d be open to discuss with Mr Freitas if anyone has his contacts.

  32. George

    I got the coleccion of rca victor argentina 450 vinyl for sale . Thank you