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ARC [heart] Interns

Well our Summer Sale is over and we want to thank all YOU shoppers and especially the many great interns and volunteers who made it happen.  Pics above and below are from the idle hands of some of our favorite interns, penned between sales.  Nina Hill made the the guy with ARC in his eyes (Graham Parker!) ^ and Lauren Ruggiero decorated bags for some lucky customers.

Other sale + set-up people include Cole Wright who made the great sale promo film, Eric Hartl who made door signage. Lauren who made most of the bin signage and is part of the 8-Ball Community and Radio folks along w/ Max and Kelly.  Mike Falcone, Alicia Hyman, Lilly Panych, and Jordan Massey toted, sorted and priced.  And of course a big thanks to former archivist who drops by on Fridays, Seth Orren Schonberg,

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