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ARC is GO!

Well ARC is busy packing up for our move to our new home.  Bad timing, but we have no choice. Of course it’s hard for everyone these days, we understand that. We hope you are all staying safe. But we do need to move the library and Fred and I are working on separate floors – yards apart, worn out, but healthy.  Because of safety issues we can’t hire new workers and interns impossible at this time. 

Above is one corner of the ARC ready for the moving vans!   Sad to see all those swell LPs and 45s boxed up – maybe for a year – but we have little choice. We are shooting to be completely in our new space in upstate NY by the end of May.  

The moving costs are $80,000+.  BTW boxes alone are running about $12,000.  Another 1000 LP boxes  (below) just came in today.  All this is a lot for us at a time when everyone is worried about money and we are unable to provide any services.  Sad to say the government is not helping.

So we’re asking folks who can to donate $2500. 

That’s what each truckload will cost + we need 25 – 30 truckloads.  

We could also use someone with a small van and time to haul some of our more fragile items. We can load up the van and keep everyone isolated and safe. 

Regardless keep in touch, be well, and pass along our info. if you know anyone who may be interested.  Thanks!   B.George and Fred Patterson.  

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