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ARC Needs a Hug

Arc needs a hug now and then.  Here’s Laurie Anderson hugging DJ Bunny Ears at our Benefit Dance Party.  They’re big ARC fans and we hope you will join them in supporting the ARC.  Help us grow and prosper.  We’re the only, largest, and best independent music library in the world with more than 3 million recordings.  To stay that way, well, we can use all the hugs we can get.  

Below are a great many ways you can join the ARC at a variety of levels.  Click and join, I mean, uh… hug the ARC!

ARC Membership  (starting at $50)  Two parties a year with food and drinks and you get first dibs on goodies at our Record Sales.

Adopt-a-Record    Posted portrait with your favorite disc @ ARC.
Come down, find a copy of a record you love, let us take your portrait and post it along with the many other.  $50

Players Association    This is our HOT 100 – Our entry-level club with their own special events and activities. Our newest Board!    $500

ARChive of Contemporary Music

We need to build more shelves to house our growing collection.  So donate and get a bit of the ARC branded with your name !  One shelf holds about 180 albums and there are 36 shelves in a unit.    
Shelf in YOUR name                 $100
Shelving Unit in your name     $1000

Named Special Collection      Help build a focused collection in YOUR name like the Keith Richards’ Blues Collection            $5,000

Nile Rodgers

Boards: Trustees + Advisors + Industry            

Join our prestigious boards of movers + shakers who are our greatest supporters.  These are people who have a say in what we do and how we do it.    $10,000

All donations are tax deductible and help keep ARC strong Talk to us anytime for full details


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