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ARC Sizzling Summer Record + CD Sale continues

The ARC Sizzling Summer Record and CD Sale continues through the weekend, everyday, Weds – Sunday, 11am – 6pm.  So get on down and support the library,  Here are some of the things still available, or recently sold, to give you an idea of what we have to offer.  BTW : website down for a few days as we retool.  So info here for now.

Still available is a series of percussion LPs with covers by Joseph Albers, 100s of new Classical music CDs at 1/3 their Amazon used price, classic films on Laserdisc for $2! and thousands of LPs and Cds for a buck.

Sorry to say the Cuban pressing by vocalist Beny More was sold.  Another rare and unique item sold was a copy of UK Buzz #1, with songs by New Order, the Cocteau Twins, Fad Gadget, and more, intro’d by our hero, longtime BBC radio presenter, John Peel.

Begins Saturday June 18 and runs everyday til Sunday, June 26, 11am – 6pm.  Free to all.
ARChive of Contemporary Music 54 White Street, Tribeca, New York City, 10013     tel : 212-226-6967     e : arcmusic@inch.com
Full info is up on the blog   http://arcmusic.wordpress.com/   + website   https://arcmusic.org


  1. pdvmorris1

    Love your work in this field! Sadly I’m in London, U.K. or I would be at that sale for sure. Any chance of offering online items? Otherwise I’ll have to plan my next annual leave around your sale the next time. Cheers

  2. bgeorge

    Thanks – we kinda like the idea of making the sale the only place to get our overflow. Folks are so nice to donate materials, and we appreciate the donations, and not sure if it feels right to look like a marketer… so well, maybe e-bay oneday, but for now a twice a year thing – first or second week of June and Dec. B.