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ARC still GOing

Well ARC is busy packing up for our move to our new home.  One thing we discovered is a few boxes, much used and re-used, the above from 1989, when we moved from Chambers St. to a desolate Crosby St.   Looks like the box has been overused at least 4 time and still holding up well.  Us too.  

That move took only 3 van trips – this one will take 25+  So we’re asking folks who can, to donate $2500.  Everything helps, but that’s what each truckload will cost.  The Beggars Group was the first to contribute, so a big thanks to them. 

We STILL need someone with a small van and time to haul some of our more fragile items. 

Regardless keep in touch, be well, and pass along our info. if you know anyone who may be interested.  Thanks!   B.George and Fred Patterson.  

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