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(B.) George ( goin’ 2) Washington Crosses the Delaware

Well yesterday, driving through driving rains, we picked up a swell modern Jazz collection in Delaware. This group of about 1,000 LPs was generously donated by Brad Pires.  The recordings were collected by Brad and his father over the years, and Brad says a great many came from a store in Washington selling off LPs at 39¢ each!  What was really interesting is that the family looked for unfamiliar material, unfamiliar session men, rather than well known artists.  The result was a wonderful collection of really interesting things, a great many that ARC did not have. 

The Pepper Mosaic 3LP box set is one of the donated items that was a duplicate of the set in our permanent collection.  But the Piers box was mint, so we are selling of our VG+ copy.  Collectors pounce!  There are others that will be replacing our current copies and freeing up some great jazz LPs at our sale.

ARC Sizzlin’ Summer Record + CD Sale
June 9 – 24 • everyday 11am – 6pm

The above LP is a red herring, it’s NOT for sale, but nice, and sure to be included in our book on music + typefaces (Sound Design).  We don’t know much about Herb, but a mighty sweet cover!


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