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Just realized that I have skipped over a few important things, and so, I would like to show you…

A series of unissued discs from Rupayan Sansthan, The Rajasthan Institute of Folklore,  Jodhpur.  They were graciously donated to ARC by Mr. Kothari, head of the Institute.  He remembers maybe in an edition of 500 in the early 1970s.  We will get others in the set (how many others?) as they search for them.  Can’t wait to get home and have a listen.

The Rajasthan trip included music events beyond the puppet show I have spoken about.  At the Arna Jharna Desert Museum we heard a musical performance by Langa folk musicians.  The museum also featured a exhibition on the ubiquitous straw broom used throughout India.  Honestly simple and beautiful.

On our last night it was off to the races as we took a camel ride into the desert.  (Hey, fellow musicologists, send me pics you took of me on Bessie!).  Here’s a snap of  a troupe of Manganiar musicians that we just happened to bring along with us, performing at sunset.

I honestly can’t believe I can post this sitting on a terrace overlooking the Ganges.  On my last trip to India, 1970, it was nearly impossible to make a phonecall.

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