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Bastille Day

We’re big on Bastille Day here at ARC. Join the fun by having a look at one of our favorite covers featuring Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Moreau. No need for names – beautiful women and big guns – bridging the gap between France and America! I hope to one day break the seal on this copy of Viva Maria! (a awfully mal film by Louis Malle) and have the gals sign this LP for ARC. Till then let’s remember that France is famous for it’s Revolution, as are Oui, and here “Les Petites Femmes” are helping the Mexicans in their struggle for freedom, inventing strip-tease along the long road to democracy.

Naturellement ARC houses one of the largest collections of French popular music in this Hemisphere. It’s largely due to a generous gift by French language radio host Jean Gallia. The Jean Gallia Collection of French Popular Music contains 12,795 discs. Now, we haven’t cataloged them all (only 3,000 so far) yet, but you can find more than 5,000 recording made in France or by French speaking people on our catalog page (search “French).


Speaking of Oui, as we’ve mentioned before, we are doing a strict alphabetization of the forty-fives in our collection. This hands-across-the water single, in a lovely seldom-seen sleeve, rounds out our homage to all things Francophonic.

And don’t forget our Oui Oui Pulp site on French pulp paperbacks…

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