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Well the Sox are in town, and baseball fever grips the ARC. Fred, our archivist, is star (only) softball pitcher for the “The People”, who ended the season tied for first place (MAYBE a playoff?) in the amateur Zen League last evening in Brooklyn.

So in his honor we offer this baseball flexi-disc, with Brooklyn roots, from our collection.

Baseball flexidisc

This seven-inch flexidisc features Donald Scott Drysdale, the Cy Young winner who played for the Dodgers on both coasts. Here he offers insights on the first game he ever pitched and tips for youngsters on how to prepare for the big leagues (uh, “throw fastballs”). On the back there’s a bio and stats. It’s from 1962 by Sports Champions and Auravision/Columbia Records.

Now you all have seen Ken Burn’s Baseball, and no doubt stayed to the very end to see the ARChive’s credit. Experts that we pretend to be, we’ve been amassing sports recordings for quite a while here and have a formidable collection. The Drysdale flexi is one of the many, of nearly 1000 paper records and flexi-discs, that are also sports related. To complete this story, worthy of a Zen League, this disc was given to B at the ARC by Nancy, long before either of us knew Fred, and she and Fred became an item!

For a nice online gallery visit Michael Cumella’s Internet Museum of FLEXI/CARDBOARD/ODDITY Records @ www.michaelcumella.com

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