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Charming Chinese Indian Fusion


ARC pal, Prof. Victor A. Vicente at the Chinese University of Hong Kong had his students in “The Music of Bollywood” course,  arranged, performed + recorded some of the best-known Bollywood songs of the past decade.  It was their contribution to India Music Week + to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Indian film industry.

Most are sound files, but to get an idea of the interest, dedication and sheer sweetnes of the project, please have a look at “Zoobi Doobi” (3 Idiots, 2009) — by Vincent Wai Chun Luk (arranger, mrdanga), Enoch Kin-Shun Au-Yeung (lead vocals), Meilina Mei Ling Tsui (lead vocals, video editing), Janet Hiu Ling Chu (vocals), Simon Hei Man Kwok (vocals), Toni Hoi Tung Poon (vocals), Flora Sin Ting Lam (flute), Violet Yau Yung Tsang (harmonium), Natalie Hiu Ching Lam (karatalas, audio editing)

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