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Cool T-shirt of the day

Today, this T-shirt was spotted on a fellow talking on his cell phone across the street from the ARChive.


This is one way of saying “corporate rock sucks.”


  1. bill

    fuck n.w.a. or whoever the fuck wrote that song. and fuck the people who thought of the idea of corperate rock. the police are a great band and they didn’t write songs just for money. don’t let people tell you what you should listen to with bullshit words like coprerate rock because those bands and artists worked hard at what they did only to be torn down like talentless twots like yourself. you’re just talk.

  2. Lord Fotherington (aka Ian Brown)

    Apparently The Police did a lot of fucking, so this shirt is great. It’s the sort of thing you’d hear a groupie shout just before she’d receive a “ghost in the machine” from the “king of pain”