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B here. Am in Singapore with Göran Andersson, who is on our Board of Trustees in ARC’s Paris office, to discuss the possibilities of an ARCeast.

Singapore is an oasis of hygiene in South East Asia. Think of it as similar to Japan, but casual. Despite the rumors and reality of a rigid society, the street vibe is friendly beyond belief. People are avid jaywalkers. With no natural resources, Singapore markets intelligence and a can-do attitude. They decorate all this with 30 story building, each floor chock-full of 200 small electronics stores, and fuel it with city blocks of food vendors (hawker’s stalls) catering to the polyglot society making up this ethnically diverse city-state. It is always hot and humid. It’s 12 hours away from NYC, so no need to reset your watch.

So far their Chinatown has been the most fun. We headed straight for the little shop that makes clothing, life-size automobiles, 3G phones and Hell credit cards out of paper to burn as offerings at Chinese funerals. The LP above was found in one of the few flea markets here, where the tendency is high-tech shinny-new. Surprisingly, an LP in good condition, runs about the same price as a great Pad Thai, about $5 US. I bought a Kung Fu soundtrack forty-five, in a nice picture sleeve, for $4, in pretty good condition. Later saw one, slightly better, for $35. So there is little vinyl here in Singapore and the market seems to be serious collectors.

Yes, that’s Göran and I above, our Avatar this trip; Crazy Bumpkins….

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