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Cuba ¡Sí – See Cuba

Cuba is in the News. Cuban records are at our Holiday record + CD Sale. And we’d like to invite you to join the ARC on it’s first tour to Cuba! Of course it’s more musical than anyone else’s – and we’ll try to make it more fun. It’s coming right up, May 17 -24, 2016, and you’ll need to get back to us soon to reserve a space.

Most tours offer the same old, same old; you visit the artist that everyone visits, see a touristy cabaret show, take a ride in an old car. Well our goal is to visit during Cubadisco, the island’s largest musical event, in conjunction with ARC’s Cuba Music Week, the massive live and online comprehensive exploration of the music of Cuba.

The ARC tour will consist of fab food, access to tons of musical events, knowledgeable guides, our own exhaustive guide book, a swim or two, live music everywhere, and maybe a drink with that cigar.

Do join us. It helps fund our valuable work, you’ll have a ball, and a portion of your trip’s costs are tax deductible. Click here for a short overview of ARC’s Cuban Tour. Click here for a link to the ARC Cuban Music Tour day-by-day itinerary that will automatically download for you to read and print out.

When Cubadiscos puts up it’s page, we’ll pass along the link. Until then, please come by for our Holiday record + CD Sale, going on now here in Lower Manhattan…

Call if you would like to ask any questions or to reserve a space – 1-212-226-6967

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