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Dashboard Confessional Secret Show! To-nite!

So, b.ARC comes in today and says “hey, you got your camera? There’s a line of people outside of the Knit. Go over and figure out what’s going on.” The Knitting Factory is one of our neighbors, so I waltzed right over and was back in a flash. Here is what the scene looked like at 10:17AM this morning:


This is 10: 17 in the AM! Who gets up that early to go to go wait in line on Leonard Street on a hot July morning? Maybe I could find my answer on the Knit’s site. Unfortunately, the way listed the show was somewhat unhelpful: “MySpace Books presents: a celebration of the release of Trevor Kelley and Leslie Simon’s book about all things emo, ‘Everybody Hurts’ – with a solo performance by a very special guest.”

I could find anything, but I suppose that’s what “secret shows” mean. So, I asked the guy in green t-shirt and ballcap (first in line, lounging) who told me that Dashboard Confessional would be there playing a free show tonight. Just as the phrase “who cares” went through my head, the woman in the blue chair (two heads back, in front of the second pillar with her arm behind her head) exclaimed “if you come back in a couple hours the line would be SO much longer.”

I was intrigued. Dashboard Confessional? Playing a secret gig? Tonight at the Knitting Factory? A much longer line? OMGWTFAwesome?!

I reported back to ARChive where B, Jon and our intern Tom were waiting in rapt anticipation for news. When I told them what was going on, Tom said: “A free show? So THAT’S how they get people to come see them.”

Anyway, following Blue Chair Girl’s advice, I went back at around 1:00 and everyone was gone. The guy at the Knit’s door told me that they had to tell everyone to go away. (Maybe because the cops said something? Maybe wanted to be kind to their neighbors? I don’t know.) It looked like everyone did, but when I turned onto Church from Leonard, I nearly tripped over a couple of teenage girls sitting on the corner, wearing all black (right down to the Chuck Taylors), just out of sight of the doorguy. This was at one o’clock…if they were going to be there all day, those girls would have a long wait!

However…the doorguy at the Knitting Factory said that the throngs would be allowed to return at 6:00 in the PM for the free secret concerts. THAT’S 6:00 PM Dashboard Confessional fans! I get out of work at 6:00, so I will go back and take a picture (or two!) and post when I get home so everyone who can’t make the show can see how many people were there. I’m not going to hang out, though, so if you’re a Dashboard Confessional fan, please be punctual as I would like a good picture!


Stay tuned for an update!





  1. Mitch Ritchie

    Dan, Dan, Dan… different strokes for different folks, come on… leave the kids and girls alone. The girl in the “blue chair” is my sister and the “groovy” guy in the ball cap, green shirt is me! Everyone doesn’t like what you like or hear music the way you do, and thats not a put down, its probably the truth. BTW, would you be willing to share with us what you were listening to at the age 16-18? (most were young teenagers) Point being, everyone was there for their love of music… what else drives people to wait in line on a hot July morning, right?? If you truely love music , which I’m sure you do… as seeing your so critical of our taste /and what you do for a living, i would think you d be able to appreciate our love for music as well, type of be irrelevent. Alot of the people in line for the show have alot of growing to do, literally, as such their taste in music will most likely evolve into something you might find more likable, all in do time. So hey, come on… leave the kids alone.
    As for us, I’m 32, my sister is 29, and my girlfriend in the middle is 25. We actually drove 3 hours from Pottsville PA and got in line with our pillows and blankets at 3:00 AM, little earlier than 10:17. We ve been fans of Chris’s music for a long time (since 2000) and will continue to be, regardless of his emo tag or young following. He’s quite a bright guy and a good lyricist, you outta check em out. I consider myself a “fly by night” music critic as well, check out my page (myspace.com/mitchr0822), i happen to think Mr. Carraba is quite an accomplished artist deserving of you respect. I see where your coming from, I really do, but don’t pass judgement on this guy or people involved in the emo culture. 11,000,000 views on his myspace page is saying something, think so? Not just any jack can pick up a guitar and woo the girls/kids, or even me!
    So, yeah we did get in… the neighbors were complaining so they had to chase everyone. I spoke with the general manager before we left, Mr. Shay Vishawadia, explained to him how long we waited, and he said to come back at 6:00 n he d let us in before everyone else. He kept his word… so props/thanks to GM Shay and Dashboard for a great day and show!

    Hudson Bell
    album “When the Sun is the moon”
    CHECK IT! peace



  2. jonnymia

    Dan, you got SERVED! Digg THAT.

    – Nerdy Von Nerdenheimer

  3. arcmusic

    Yeah, I totally got effed in the A! Who’s sullen now?! Tony’s tiger 4EVah–wait. Who in the world are tony’s tigers?

    That just doesn’t make sense!

  4. Avril Hater

    I just wanna say you go, Hudson! What’s with all the hatin’ on DC? They’re really talented musicians with good lyrics. Not like that stupid Avril Lavigne!!! She’s such a poser! DC rules!!!!!