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Dead But Not Forgotten

Not the Grateful Dead cover band but an LA punk group formed 1977, and this was their only single. While the “Kill the Hippies” cover catches your eye, the b-side sound of “Brainless” is the weirder wonder, with some nice arty No New York style blipping short-stroke guitar work. Geza X was on guitar and went on to perform and produce some stellar early CA punk recordings.  B-side “Kill” smells kinda Fugs, as in “Kill for Peace.”

This is just one of the thousands of Punk-era 45s I’ve been sorting through and listening to as ARC-in-Exile tries to catalog them all (donate yours?) for a book. As I check the sales sites this transparent gold version has actually sold for $199.00 and hard to find from anyone who knows better for less than $100. Ours was a gift back in the day from the wonderful Dangerhouse (1978-1980) label when we were working on the first edition of the Volume discography.

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