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Denmark + Roskilde Day 2

Well the Fall has finally arrived here in Denmark.  After a few warm days the chill has come, and what better way to spend the Fall than to curl up alongside the fireplace and enter The Wonderful and Frightening World Of… EMBROIDERY.  Yes, that’s what Lars Kjelfred has done, a stitch in spare time, as he organized an embroidery club to reproduce people’s favorite LPs, the “Sowingclub from Hell”

Here’s the exterior of Ragnarock, the Museum of Rock, Pop and Youth Culture in Roskilde where I gave a talk about ARC and the Great78project and our upcoming Scandinavian Music Week. 

Rasmus, the curator of the museum gave a private tour and I almost took a spin on the big ass turntable.

Visiting the national radio archive tomorrow and a gentleman who’s collected more than 120,000 78s.

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