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Doing The Good Day

B. came back from Europe yesterday with all sorts of exciting stories and a stack of great records. One record that caught my eye was this 45 with an instructional picture sleeve about how to do a dance called the “Casatschok”:


As you might imagine by the name, the dance and music has a kind of Cossack vibe to it, but the photos made me think of all the instructional dance-craze records here at ARC, some of which we’ve blogged about before. (BTW, if you were wondering you absolutely CAN see the Casatschok on YouTube! If you click here, you can see some old footage of Los Tontos doing a highly choreographed version of it; clicking here will get you a modern, far less choreographed clip of it “in the wild.”) So, with Casatschoking fresh in my head, it was cool to look up in the subway this morning and find instructions for a new dance – a morning dance – called the “Good Day”:

The Good Day

The Good Day is a dance advertising Fox 5 News NY’s morning show featuring Jodi Applegate, Mike Woods and Ron Corning (they’re in that order on the poster, BTW). If you want to see the Good Day in action, you can click here to see all sorts of clips of it. Nice, right? However, there’s a problem with the poster! It only shows three moves and according to the Fox 5’s own instructional videos, the Good Day can have up to FOUR. So, if there’s anyone out there with the skills of an artist, would you make and print out a few “spin” moves that match the subway instructional, get out there and tape them up so that straphangers will actually know how to DO the dance? I go home on the 7 train, and it’d be great to see some on my way home tonight, so get to work!

To recap: The Good Day. It’s not the Dutty Wine. It’s not even the Soldier Boy (Who’s Soldier Boy? And what in the heck is that dance?). But if we all work together, we can take this Good Day dance worldwide. Who’s with me?

– dtn


  1. jordan worley

    Mike Woods is the scariest man alive. I have never watched the show, but the pictures on the subway… his manic smile chills me to the bone.