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Relax with Reveen

Relax with Reveen

Accept it; he is the Master of Self-Suggestion. Nay, the Impossibilist. But, relax? This Reveen is in the Valley of Creepsville. The Latinate vocal pace is, we hope, slightly, electronically altered slowspeech that one could imagine the devil or an alien brain-only intelligence in a B film mouthing. The catch phrase, “I maintain at all times a calm, confident cheerful state of mind,” meant to give you the relaxing confidence that breeds success, trips off the tongue like an anvil – he’s no Mahesh Yogi and this is no-man’s mantra.

But there is a congruence here beyond ‘our’ world – the very day after Board member Amy Larkin donated this LP, blogmates at WFMU posted a Reveen comic and outré LP of a more elder, more Wolfman Jack lookin’ Reveen. Have we exhausted the oeuvre? Are there more Reveens out there to wade in? “You will relax.” “You ..will…firmly… plantinyourmind…that ..NOW… is……………..the… time…. To……..ACT!” “You will send all known Reveenware to be preserved at the ARC!!!”


  1. arcmusic

    A few more choice lines from the record:
    “Relaxation is nature’s remedy for fatigue.”
    “You can learn to relax from time to time.”
    “Nervous tension may be caused by a physical disorder.”
    Truly, words to live by.


  2. Lindsay

    I have the Stop Smoking and Overeating one. I could only listen to it for a few seconds, until he said the word, “moist” in a really unsettling way.