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NEWS FLASH This is just one of the 13,621 new recordings added to ARC’s online catalog today! And on Sunday you can read a little about ARC and a Brazilian collection we helped with in the New York Times Sunday Magazine…

Now back to this recording. As you may know the ARC has a great interest in Cuban music, with more than 1,600 releases by artists from the island here at the library. Recently quite a few friends and donors have dropped off piles of Cuban LPs, including Board of Trustee Member, Bruce Rayvid. It’s getting harder and harder to find LPs in great condition – both artwork and disc – but we keep trying. Our next trip will be for Cubadiscos, a music conference next Spring, but for now, here’s a short list of the seven that Bruce just dropped off.

• Leo Brouwer. Musica Para Guitarra (Areito; Cuba, LPA 5001, 12″, LP, n.d.)
• Ana Margarita [Martinez Casado]. Ana Margarita (Sonotone; Cuba, SLP 700, 12″, LP, n.d.)
• Everardo Ordaz con Su Piano y Ritmo. Exitos en Piano (Puchito; Cuba, MLP 554, 12″, LP, n.d.)
• Orquesta Riverside. Cha – Hua – Hua (Puchiti; Cuba, ELP 541, 12″, LP, n.d.) Vocals by Tito Gomez
• Emiliano Salvador. Emiliano Salvador 2 (Areito; Cuba, LD 3986, 12″, LP, n.d.)
• Daniel Santos. Daniel Santos Con El Conjunto Sonora Matancera Vol 2 (Panart; Cuba, LD 2076, 12″, LP, n.d). .
• Trio Servando Diaz. Ecuerdo Tropical (Panart; Cuba, LP 2011, 12″, LP, n.d.)

So consider a mojito and a visit to our online catalog for a full list of all our Cuban holdings.

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