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Freaky Friday

Yes, It’s a freaky good times today as our pal and long-time ARC Board member Nile Rodgers is inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  Just wanted to share a few images from a few of the things Nile has donated over the years – like the horn and string charts for about 100 of the songs that he and Bernard Edwards have penned.  Hey, and many of these are actually penned in their own hands!

Interesting to note little name changes like, “The Good Times” to “Good Times.”  Slight.  More drastic are some of the earliest versions of “We Are Family,”  titled, “We’re Family.”  Good correct, as those five syllables really hit hard, while “We’re’s” a slur…   Below is a nice hand-decorated version done by Nile or Bernard?  We’ll have to ask.  We should also ask the Hall why they forgot to induct Chic?

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