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Free Stuff @ ARC Sale 4 Archives Day

Well it’s International Archives Day, not that everyday isn’t International Archives Day around these parts.  But we are celebrating here at the ARC by giving away, for free, all 8-tracks and cassettes at our Summer Sale.  These are extra copies, and what could be more archival than archaic formats!

Online you can also now BORROW about 2,500 of our music books we have digitized with our pals @ The Internet Archive.  This means we’re like every other library in the world – you borrow a copy, read it, it gets returned after two weeks and made available for someone else to borrow.  Nice.  And some pretty obscure stuff not readily available elsewhere. 

Sizzlin’ Summer Record + CD Sale

June  3 -18, 2017

NEW extended weekday hours 11am -7pm   •   Open weekends 11am-6pm
@ ARC Headquarters located at 54 White Street, Tribeca, NYC

Cheaper than downloading!

Most discs less than a coffee and pastry in Tribeca!

  •  Free admission  •  This years thousands of 12″ dance/DJ discs   •  Latin LPs + 78s pressed in South America  •  C&W  •  Jazz   •   Exotica   •   Incredible WORLD MUSIC LPs + CDs  •   Amazing selection + prices   •   



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