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George Martin

George Martin has died at 90.  Leave it to experts to offer proper tributes to the exemplary work that he did, and the wonderful legacy he has left us.

Searching our shelves, here’s one of the three odd little and lesser known instrumental LPs he recorded drawing on his fabled association. George Martin Instrumentally Salutes The Beatle Girls.  (United Artists, USA, UAS 6539, LP, 1966).  Easy listening at it’s (dubious) best. It’s only noted because most everything else he did is part of the canon that accompanied my growing up .

Besides listening in, my only distant and tenuous association was doing some mixes at Intergalactic Studios here in NYC in the 1980s, on a Neve 8078, rumored to be ‘his old board.”

All-in-all I feel more like cheering a long and successful life than anything else.

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