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Gettin Loaded

Well here’s the crew – Ray, Corey and David loading the first truckload – first of 24 – out of the City and to our new location Upstate. 

And the very first batch ready for cataloging?  The Forbes Elvis Presley UK Collection. about 700 LPs, singles, books and video staring the King.  Proper shelving coming soon.

Getting loaded is pretty expensive.  About $2500 per vanload.  The Beggars Group was the first to contribute, as has a certain Mr. SchwartzAnother longtime supporter, artist ESPO, has donated a small van and driver.  If you can please consider a donation of $2500 for a load.  Spread the word – save the records.

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  1. tim faracy

    sorry you’re moving. I usually got to the sales in June and December. Not many places in NYC to browse at records. good luck.