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Giving Tuesday, but…

Well there are so many heartfelt pleas going out today.  For healthcare, healthcare workers, food aid, education, candidates who actually could make things better.  So after you help them, consider the ARChive.

We are relocating.  We love New York City. It’s been our home for 35 years.  But the City has never offered an once of help, and rents were our undoing.  The good news is our new home upstate is spectacular.  It will allow us to create a state-of-the-art research facility, residencies for scholars, concerts and a full range of preservation services.  Most importantly, we will now have long-term safe conditions for the collection and a secure future.  One of the things we saved, thinking of Cinco de Mayo and beyond the thousands of Mexican recordings here at ARC, is this napkin from our collection 0f musical themed textiles.

One way folks can help is to contribute to our move.  We started on Mayday and will be be loading a van everyday till the end of the month.  Each vanload costs $2,500.00.  If you’re able, that would be a great donation.  So far three people have.  We suggest via PalPal or even better, our newest supporter, every.orgEvery.org allows donors to make automatic, regular donations every month.  AND it can be set up so there are no fees or deductions – ie, the charity gets 100% of the donation.  Even small donations add up and really help. Do give them a look-see. 

And here’s a look at one corner of the ARC, sadly imprisoned sounds ready for moving!

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